Journey to the East-Part II

Well, my family and I have been here since the 17th of July, and Taiwan is… interesting. Our house is situated in Yangmingshan, a small town near the top of a small mountain near Taipei. On Saturday, we went into the city with a bus ride to the metro, and went to Taipei 101! We looked around the shops a bit, but the main reason we went there was to get some good old Din Tai Fung! After lunch we planned to go up in the observatory, but after waiting 40 minutes in the waiting line/area, and seeing the line for the observatory, we saved it for another day and went home to┬árelax. In terms of the gamer part of my blog, not much has happened in the games I’m playing to share, so I’ll save that for another time.Taipei101.portrait.altonthompson


Journey to the East-Part I

Well, My time in the USA has come to a close, and the last few weeks were a little crazy. On the Monday after my finals week, we started staying in a family-friend’s house while they were at the beach, and on July 2nd we went to St Louis to visit my mom’s family, and returned on the 8th. A coupe days later, our dad’s parents came over to visit. Our plane flight to Taiwan leaves July 16th. I will write a follow up once my family is settled in. It feels really strange to think that the move is right around the corner.