Education and other stuff

     As of now, my family and I have been in Taiwan for about a month, and things have been busy: dad’s been in and out on trips to the USA, but most importantly school started on the 14th of August. I haven’t been able to write lately because I have been preparing for school and doing things like checking out a laptop, or finishing the summer reading (highly recommend Predictably Irrational, personally). Another thing I’ve been focusing on is the Gamer part of Globetrotting Gamer.

     Lately I’ve been playing Europa Universalis IV, a grand-strategy game where you can play as any country and rule it at any point you want (or a recommended start date) starting at 1444 and bring it all the way to the first day of 1821. Some countries are able to be formed from others in the game once certain requirements have been met; some of these ‘transitions’ are logical (i.e. Poland can form Commonwealth), others are less so (like an Indian nation forming Hindustan) There are multiple form-able nations that can be formed by multiple nations (both England and Scotland can form Great Britain; Russia can be formed by both Novgorod and Muscovy; Tuscany, Venice, Milan, or another nation forming Italy; etc.) I am currently playing a game as Brandenburg, one of multiple nations that can form Prussia or Germany, which in 1444 is a medium sized nation in the Holy Roman Empire.

     Well, from any point, I will continue to write about what I am doing overseas, but until then, see you!